Hand Painted 
Furniture & Art 

I have been painting on wood for about twenty-three years. It started small; wooden eggs, boxes and frames. Then my work evolved towards its current focus; art panels and furniture. They have color and they have pattern. The furniture pieces are usually old and tired when we first meet. However, they must have good sturdy bones. Each piece is one of a kind and hand painted.

I select a group of colors to work with and patterns that compliment the colors and form of the piece. Sketches are made, hand drawn patterns are transferred and the painting begins. An old piece gets a new life. Stencils are not used. All my work is done with acrylic paint and sealed with several applications of water based clear coat.
The furniture and art panels are often like puzzles. Once certain anchor patterns are placed and colors balanced, for me, it all falls into place. Inspiration comes from quilts, mosaics, embroidery, wallpaper, fabric, garden blooms, stained glass, or old costume jewelry.
There is a rich history of people adorning functional objects with paint. I am fascinated by the human need to express individuality and beauty on everyday items. Often paint was used to mimic precious wood and stone surfaces. I prefer to explore the potential of contemporary paints. The colors and metallic finishes enable artists to create vibrant pallets, bold patterns, and delicate embellishments.

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